Free University Education for All

Should Students Be Able to Attend Public Universities for Free? Yes they should, because what they learn is so essential.

Education is as Important as Security

There is often a comparison made between university students and soldiers. The students pay through the nose to learn things like medicine, while the soldiers train free and even get paid for it. This begs the question, is the government more interested in war than progressive knowledge. National security is important, but so is education. So, should students be able to attend public universities for free, just like soldiers get training? The answer is yes, for three main reasons.

  • Higher education is important
  • It is affordable for the federal government
  • It is critical for the future of the country

Why Higher Education is Important

The President of the United States is surrounded by experts on all spheres of knowledge. They enable him to govern by advising him on all the different matters he has to deal with. During pandemics like the Coronavirus outbreak, the CDC comes in handy with ready advice. All these people paid dearly for higher education, and some are still paying, yet the country depends on them, even more than it depends on professional essay writers soldiers since their services are needed all year round. It is thus ironic that they should be paying to acquire the very knowledge the country depends on.

Why It is affordable for the Federal Government

The federal government already funds basic education in public schools to include all children in the program. The same government can also pay for higher education in the very same way. It is inconceivable that qualified students should not get the same inclusion in higher education. The excuse that higher education is very expensive, so the federal government cannot afford it is just that, an excuse. In any case, it is taxpayers who pay for everything the government does. Taxpayers need higher education, so they should pay for it.

Why It is Critical for the Future of the Country

The world has become a global village. The currency of trade in this new technological world is knowledge, not cash. The global marketplace, mostly based on the internet is as much an exchange of knowledge as it is of goods. If America is left behind in the field of knowledge, it will be left behind in this world. Setting the pace in higher education is the only way the nation will continue competing effectively. When some individuals cannot access higher education because of the costs involved, the whole country loses in the rat race. The very future of the country thus depends on how many people have knowledge in it. So, students should indeed benefit from higher education at the taxpayers’ expense.

University Education Should be Offered Free

It is clear from the foregoing that university education should be offered for free by the government. Education is even more important for the survival of the nation than security services. The country can afford it since it is already offering free education at lower levels anyway. Moreover, the future of the country in a knowledge-based world depends on education now more than ever.